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A bit of history....

When we moved from the San Diego area to Prescott, Arizona where our new home had a yard that was
just right for an outdoor G Gauge layout. The community to which we were moving was named "Prescott
Canyon Estates." Hence the name of our railroad became the "Prescott Canyon Southern Garden
Railroad." Shortened for use on rolling stock and locomotives to "Prescott Canyon Southern."

Of course, no manufacturer had the PCSRR logo or lettering on any of their equipment so we had to design
our own. Many different techniques were tried. Some successful, some not. After many attempts, we
were able to settle on Laser Jet printing for all black shades of lettering and an ALPS printer for full color,
white, gold and silver.
We've developed some techniques to print color lettering with good success, although white, silver or gold have produced the best
results. I would need to know what your requirements are and then we go from there. If you want to type out something in MS
Word or Word Pad with the copy and sizing, then send it to me, I can work with it. I do have a variety of fonts, graphics and other
"stuff" to work with.. I'll do the design and email you a sample sheet for your approval before final printing.

As of March 2016, Kay and I have sold the house and moved into a Senior Retirement Community. The PCSRR is now a Fallen
HOWEVER, we are still in full production to serve you as needed.

Since ALPS USA has discontinued sales and service for all ALPS printers, we've been able to purchase the printers from an
overseas source. Cost is quite a bit more with shipping than those here in the US and all supplies have more than doubled in price.
Pricing in US$ effective 8/1/2018

Because of the shortage of the ALPS supplies, the costs of the
supplies have gone up sharply. Expect the finished costs to increase
as well. We still are able to produce custom decals for the railroad
and model community.
Price's listed are per 8 1/2 x11 sheet and START AT...... $34.50 for black.
Color pages start at $38.50 White, Gold and Silver pages start at $38.50 (
same color
on the page, depending on density of copy. Tightly spaced copy on the page will
increase cost per page
Color(s), other fancy stuff. page design and file prepareation charges are done on a
quote basis STARTS at $15.00 up.
Logo design STARTS @ $25 plus the price of one sheet of decals.

Generally, prices include shipping to you.... However, there are exceptions for full
page and International mailing. Stan Cedarleaf 928 778-3732 or 520 831-3390

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